6g is announced by vivo

6G is announced by Vivo

Vivo, the famous telephone manufacturer, has noted that the company has unveiled its 6G research and development to better approach for the obstacles caused by data explosion in the near future.

6G is announced by Vivo

The announcement came from the Chinese company’s headquarters in South China with its head of Communications Research Institue, Qin Fei, stating that “Although the commercial use of 5G has just started, Vivo has presently rolled out layouts for 6G, exploring the next-generation technology ahead of time.” In another words, Vivo is already working on future proofing and laying the foundation for the next generation in telecommunication.

6G is announced by Vivo 2

As stated by to the senior executive, the manufacturer has set up a dedicated and specialized team in the soon stages of 6G networking to demonstrate the wide applications of the fresh technology. The team will even give different scenarios of its capabilities and Vivo is presently participating in few discussions within the networking industry. Qin Furthermore stated that its 6G team will cooperate with both domestic and foreign universities to yield improved results for its research on the technology.
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Vivo is currently one of the largest and most popular cameraphone brands in the world. From the information, bundled by Vivo, the company has reached about 300 million users of its network, what is projected to grow further more. Hence, the forward thinking step from the smartphone giant will only help it in the approaching years, specially the second half of the decade.