40W power bank that could charge the MateBook

March 26th, 2019   Penny Snow   news Tags: ,

At MWC 2019, Huawei announced the new MateBook 14 and a new variant of the MateBook X Pro. Both arrive with a USB-C 65W power adapter and can be used to charge additional products too. It appears to be the manufacturer has a power bank in development that will be capable to charge the notebook whenever you are on the road or away from a wall outlet.

40W power bank that can charge the MateBook

Announced Presently, Huawei’s VP of mobile business, Li Xialong Bruce Lee, shared a photo of a Huawei MateBook connected to a smartphone that’s covered up. Between the cable and the device what we believe is a power bank is a Power-Z USB Voltage Existing Tester. The display on the tester displays the smartphone is drawing 19.9V and 1.86A of present. The total power drawn is 37.19W.

40W power bank that can charge the MateBook 2

One can deduce that the power bank supports USB Power Delivery and can support a maximum power output of 40W. Though not as fast as the 65W power adapter, this really should keep the MateBook from running out of battery although in use. The power bank must Furthermore be in a position to charge your phones or additional devices that support charging via USB Power Delivery.

There is no info still on whenever Huawei will uncover the power bank. Mr. Bruce Lee says he has been testing the device for 3 months what should indicate a release is about the corner. We won’t be surprised if Huawei makes public it at tomorrow’s Paris occasion.


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