30W charging stand by Xiaomi uncovered

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Xiaomi reported the Mi Charge Turbo 30W wireless charging technology at an occasion in China today. The fresh charging solution takes wireless charging speeds to new levels, making it even faster than the company’s own wired charging tech. At the exact same event, Xiaomi moreover uncovered a couple of wireless charging accessories that are in the works.

Xiaomi reveals two new Fast Wireless Charging

30W Xiaomi wireless charger

The first one is the Xiaomi Mi 30W wireless charging stand. The charger arrives in an all-white design and is Incredibly thin. It acts like a dock for your phone and attributes a quiet fan under. It can wirelessly charge your cameraphone at 30W using the Qi wireless charging standard.

Xiaomi reveals two new Fast Wireless Charging 2

The second device is even extra interesting. It supports the company’s existing 20W wireless charging usual and arrives in at a fairly thick form factor. It’s almost a thick as a book! But, there are a handful of attributes that sets it apart. Initial, this charger is said to come with a smart wireless charging tracking technology. This technology could locate and match the receiving wireless charging coil on your phone with the transmitter coil inside the charger. This ensures that your smartphone will start charging the moment it is placed on the charger, irrespective of its position. This teaser video (taken from Weibo) extremely explains it perfectly.

Further, this 20W Mi wireless charger supports OOB pairing (Out of Box) which is fast and brings security and stability although charging wirelessly. From the image, we could Furthermore discern that this 20W smart wireless charger will have a low panel that reveals the current time like well as the power output.

Xiaomi hasn’t unveiled a release date or pricing for those 2 wireless charging products, however anticipate it to be introduce at the Xiaomi Mi 9 5G launch that really should happen sometime in the coming weeks.

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