See what Skype will look like on Windows 10

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his week has been packed with Windows 10 news already, but Microsoft isn’t done showing off its new operating system quite yet. On Thursday, the Skype team revealed what its chat service will look like on Windows 10 

first look at Apple’s completely redesigned Retina MacBook Air

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Apple is expected to soon launch a new version of the MacBook Air, a 12-inch model that’s supposed to be thinner than every previous MacBook Air and will sport a new design made possible by the adoption 

HTC new flagship leaks in new pics

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HTC is having a pretty tough time keeping its newest flagship smartphone under wraps, but we aren’t about to complain. Phandroid has posted the latest batch of leaked HTC One (M9) photos and they pretty 

Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked

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Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was a monster flagship, except we’ve been able to put together everything you need to know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6, and it’s shaping up to be the most amazing phone we’ve 

TouchWiz finally looks good, thanks to Google

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TouchWiz. That single word can ellicit a slew of responses. From a custom skin that adds a ton of useful features to one that bogs down Android to a level that makes even high-end devices