Xiaomi Mi Band 1S review

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Hi guys,

Few days ago I’ve received this interesting gadget – Xiaomi Mi Band 1S.
So I decide to make a review.
Lets first see the box and what’s inside.


As you can see the box is very small.
It’s a bit hard to open it because it’s closed too tight.


Inside there is a band, the real gadget, usb charger and user manual in Chinese.



20151204_145629 20151204_145725

Hopefully you dont need to know Chinese since there is a pics

The first time when I tried to pair the band with my Note 3 I had problem until I realize that the band must be real close to the phone (2-5cm.).
Immediately after connect an update has come and the firmware on the band was upgraded.
After checking the settings I was disappointed that there is no manual heart rate check.
But on 05.12.2015 the app received update v1.7.811 and now has many new features like measure your running trace with GPS and monitor heart rate while running.


The other interesting feature is the possibility to monitor when you fall asleep, how deep you sleep and when you wake up.
Also you can unlock your device using the band.

Screenshot_2015-12-04-18-07-27 Screenshot_2015-12-07-00-58-49




These is a lot on other interesting options like vibrating when someone call you and etc. but it’s better to get one of these bands and try yourself.
The Mi Band 1S is waterproof. I’ve tested under the shower already few times. Actually I didnt take off the band since day one
Xiaomi claims that this gadget battery can stay up for a month!

They are pretty cheap right now and you can ordered from here: GearBest

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