Apple Can Launch Stylus-Ready iPhone By 2019

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Stylus support hasn’t been bundled with Apple’s iPhones Therefore far, but it could arrive within the upcoming couple several years. According to The Korea Herald, the company is considering a new version of the Apple 

Apple unlikely to recover from falling iPhone sales in 2016

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Apple analyst from KGI Ming-Chi Kuo, who has definitely proven a trustworthy source of information and predictions, forecasts year-on-year iPhone shipments will continue to fall in 2016. The total iPhone shipments for the year will 

iOS 9.3 beta 7 now available to developers and public beta testers

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Apple has started seeding the iOS 9.3 beta 7 release for developers and public beta testers. This is the last beta release of the OS before its expected public release next week. The iOS 9.3 

Sprint lets you keep switching to the newest iPhone for $22 per month

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Today Sprint has announced a new “revolution” intended for those who are big iPhone fans. The gist of the new iPhone Forever plan is this: you get the newest iPhone for free, then start paying 

comScore US report says Android is still more popular than iOS

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ComScore has finished tallying up the numbers for the first three months of 2015 and it has a few facts to share about the US mobile market. The data shows that over the said period