Dutch iPhone 6s and 6s Plus prices leaked, still the same

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The Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will be unveiled on September 9 and pre-orders may start as early as September 11. The Netherlands will skip that process by the looks of it, new info 

Alleged iPhone 6s Plus rear housing appears in live photos

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Purported live photos showcasing an iPhone 6s Plus rear housing made the rounds online. The component sports a gold color scheme hold no surprises – just like in the case of iPhone 6s it can 

Apple no longer sells iPhones with a two year AT&T contract

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Most people nowadays tend to go for carrier-subsidized deal on smartphones. It just seems logical since you are already paying for a subscription to a certain company and most people would prefer spacing out such 

iPhone 6s will be released on September 25, rumor claims

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Apple hasn’t even made iOS 9 official yet, and here we are talking about the launch date of the next iPhone. As you may know, this year Apple is expected to bring us an “s”