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Samsung will abandon the “Note” brand?

Galaxy Note76Russian site Hi Tech Mail.ru reports about a source which claims that the South Korean manufacturing giant is considering the abolishment of the “Note” brand, due to the most recent events of the Galaxy Note7 being recalled due to battery explosions, twice.

We have to face it, the reputation of the Note brand has been destroyed, not to mention all the negative attention Samsung has been receiving because of the faulty smartphones. The Note brand will never be looked at the same way as it used to. One of the industry’s best-selling phone lineup has been laid to rest for good and Samsung has to keep looking forward. (more…)

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Samsung permanently shuts down the Galaxy Note7

Samsung-LogoSamsung has announced that it is ending the production of the Galaxy Note7 and permanently discontinuing it worldwide.

The decision comes immediately after the company issued a press release asking users to power down all original and replaced Note7 units, and for retailers and career partners to stop sales and exchanges of the smartphone.

“We remain committed to working diligently with appropriate regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation.” said Samsung in a statement yesterday.


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Samsung re-launches the Galaxy Note7 worldwide

galaxy-note744Samsung officially announced the relaunch of the Galaxy Note7 across the globe. The new batch of phablets is ready and has been shipped to all partners, retailers, and carriers. It should be free of defective batteries, and, hopefully, of stuck S-Pen styluses.

The Galaxy Note7 has already been relaunched in South Korea and Samsung is pushing it aggressively on the market via special experience stores. The rest of the supported markets are now getting it, too, and a proper advertisement campaign is to be expected (more…)

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Overheating and losing quickly power on replaced Galaxy Note7 units!

replaced-note7Galaxy Note7 units that Samsung replaced may not be as perfect as Samsung hopes they would be, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

Consumers in South Korea are reporting that their replacement Note7 units are overheating and losing battery power quicker than usual. These reports are so far isolated in South Korea and haven’t been reported in other parts of the world. (more…)

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Galaxy Note7 sales to resume in the US on October 21

Galaxy Note721In South Korea, Samsung will resume sales of the Galaxy Note7 on September 28. However, in other markets it will take a lot longer for the company to have safe units available for purchase.

In the US, the Note7 will only be back on sale on October 21, according to a new report. That’s almost one full month after Korea, but what’s more interesting is that LG’s recently unveiled V20 phablet will become available stateside on the exact same day. So October 21 will be when both Korean giants will have their respective 5.7-inch phones on offer through US carriers.


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