Samsung HMD Odyssey VR headset is here to challenge the Rift

October 5th, 2017   decode   Android 7.1

Samsung‘s HMD Odyssey VR headset is here and it packs dual 3.5-inch AMOLED screens, AKG headphones, two cameras for spacial awareness and two motion controllers.

The HMD Odyssey is built for Microsoft‘s Mixed Reality AR experience and is here to challenge the Asus and Lenovo’s Mixed Reality gear.

The two screens inside the HMD Odyssey are 3.5-inch in size and pack have 1600x1440px resolution and 90/60Hz refresh rate.

There is 6-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, a proximity sensor and two cameras on board so you can wander around your home without worrying you’ll run into a…

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