Meizu MX5 Pro leak promises 6″ QHD screen, Exynos 7420 chipset

Meizu MX5 Pro1The Meizu MX5 is not official yet, but recent leaks suggest that when it does launch it will not come alone – the Meizu MX5 Pro will join in with a 6″ QHD screen and a chipset sourced from Samsung. Two photos show the back of the bigger device, which looks different from its non-Pro sibling – a flat glass pane, instead of beveled plastic.

The 6″ screen is rumored to have a QHD resolution but that may mean the unusual 1,5360 x 2,560px resolution from the MX4 Pro (it’s not that unusual, it’s just the 15:9 version of QHD).Meizu MX5 Pro3 Meizu MX5 Pro2

Anyway, the new Pro model will allegedly use Galaxy S6‘s chipset, the Exynos 7420, trading up from the octa-core MediaTek its smaller bro will use (perhaps a MediaTek Helio X10). The MX5 Pro is expected to pack more RAM too, 4GB, up from 3GB for the regular MX5.

The camera seems to be the same 20.7MP/2160p shooter as earlier models have used. The launch date for the Meizu MX5 Pro should be some time next month.

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