Korean analysts believe the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will have 4GB of RAM

January 21st, 2015   decode   Android 5, Android 5.1, Samsung, Smartphones, Tablets Tags: , , ,

samsIt was only in 2013 that we saw the first smartphone to feature 3GB of RAM, and while it’s not a standard yet, manufacturers have begun moving towards 4GB of RAM for their flagships. Xiaomi and ASUS announced the Mi Note Pro and the ZenFone 2 with 4GB of RAM earlier this month, and according to Korean analysts, 4GB of RAM could debut on Samsung’s smartphone lineup with the Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsung has always been at the cutting-edge of technology when it comes to hardware, and the company even started producing 4GB RAM modules for mobile devices recently, so it’s very plausible that we will see 4 gigs of RAM on Samsung’s next flagship.

According to the same analysts, the standard Galaxy S6 will only have 3GB of RAM, which means the Galaxy S6 Edge could have more than just dual Edge displays as highlight features. Of course, this is simply a prediction from the aforementioned analysts, but we would not be surprised if 4GB RAM does make its way to the Galaxy S6 Edge and consequently to the Galaxy Note 5 that is certain to launch later this year.


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