Galaxy Note 5 prototype heads to India for R&D

galaxy-note-5-3d-5A Galaxy Note 5 prototype has been imported into India for the purposes of research and development, it carries model number SM-N920F, we know this is a model of the Galaxy Note 5 because the handset has already made the customary stop at the FCC bearing model number SM-N920. The prototype was spotted on the import tracking website Zauba, details reveal that the unit was shipped from South Korea and has a declared value of $572.

It’s not unusual from Samsung to bring such prototypes into the country for R&D purposes, we actually come across such import listings often so this is all business as usual. Even though the company hasn’t officially announced this yet we know that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy Note 5 on August 12 and will release the handset in select markets on August 21. It’s believed that the company has decided to go for an early release this time around to hold off competition from Apple’s upcoming iPhones.

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