Galaxy Note 5 inboxing and unboxing video is a visual treat

IMG_1906Unboxing videos are very common on YouTube, countless channels basically do the same thing where they take their time to open the box, put the new device to the side and check all of the contents. There’s hardly anything new to these unboxing videos which is why Samsung’s “inboxing” videos caught everybody’s attention, the first was released earlier this year when the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge arrived. Instead of showing a box being unwrapped and its contents being put under a magnifying glass, Samsung started from the other way around by showing the new smartphone being assembled by hand. It has already published a beautifully shot inboxing video for the Galaxy S6 edge+ and now one for the Galaxy Note 5 has arrived.

The idea remains the same, a Samsung engineer approaches a table where all of the Galaxy Note 5 components are neatly laid out. The device is assembled by hand and then packaged in a box which gets unboxed in due course, there are plenty of crisp sound effects that make almost all of us love the unboxing experience. You get plenty of good shots of the Galaxy Note 5 so that it’s striking beauty can be truly admired, but I guess this will be a bit painful to watch for people who don’t live in select markets where the Galaxy Note 5 will be released.

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