Galaxy Note 4 will be released after Sept. 15th

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n4Up until recently, it was suspected that Samsung would release its Galaxy Note 4 smartphone on September 3rd. However, new reports indicate that Samsung is planning to push the date back a little further to September 15th-28th.

The info comes from a Samsung product announcement memo that hints at a release between the 15th-28th. The memo also hints that the Note 4 should be released two weeks after it’s unveiled.

Internal reports also indicate that Samsung will have two black out periods restricting time off for its employees: Sept. 3rd-5th and Sept. 15th-28th. So it’s possible that the Note 4 could be announced on September 3rd and will be hitting stores from the 15th-28th.As with any rumor, take it with a grain of salt, however, from the intel we’ve received so far, it looks like the Note 4 will certainly be released in September.

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