Club Samsung bites the dust in July

June 8th, 2015   decode   Android 5, Android 5.1, Android M, Samsung, Smartphones


Samsung hasn’t always seen success with homegrown software services and it has had to shut quite a few of them down, Club Samsung is going to join that list next month. This service was initially launched back in 2013 with the Galaxy Grand 2, the company tried to position this service towards users in India by offering TV shows, videos and movies. It was actually quite similar to Samsung Hub, though Club Samsung’s main focus was the Indian consumer as it promised content from more than 90 TV channels in various Indian

Usage of Club Samsung remained low for a couple of reasons, it was only really meant for users in one particular country and even the content wasn’t regularly updated. This led to low usage and ultimately just stopped making sense for Samsung to keep this service around for any longer. The company has sent out notifications to all Club Samsung users informing them that the service is going to be shut down from July 10, 2015. Before the service is shut down existing users will be able to download their playlist, favorites and purchased content, and the company assures users that all their personal information will be treated in accordance with Samsung’s privacy policy.


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