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Samsung details history of the Galaxy S6 edge and Gear S, highlights “the art of curves”

Samsung-Gear-S-Bangle-Watch-StrapThe Galaxy S6 edge and the Gear S are two of the finest products Samsung has ever made. While many point to the S6, S6 edge, and Gear S AMOLED displays (which are gorgeous), and the camera performance and glass and metal design of the S6 and S6 edge as top-notch, a number of consumers are carried away with Samsung’s “curves” and “edges.” The Galaxy S6 edge has become the most famous go-to smartphone for tech reviewers, and nearly every tech review I’ve read on the Galaxy S6 edge points out the “edge.” You can’t help but notice it, and it’s one of the aesthetic design factors that really makes Samsung’s products stand out from the rest. (more…)

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Samsung now developing 11K mobile display, to be ready in 2018

11KToday many people are still considering the Quad HD displays a result of a useless numbers race sacrificing processing power for little real life benefit. But Samsung is already looking way past that and is going after the next major step. (more…)

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Samsung and LG smartwatches aren’t really keeping your data secure

hd-rolex-watch-wallpaper1Researchers based at the University of New Haven have demonstrated how a user’s personal information can be extracted from the Gear 2 Neo by Samsung and LG’s G Watch. From the Gear 2 Neo the researchers were able to extract email, messages, health and contacts data, none of which was encrypted on the smartwatch.

Director of the university’s Cyber Forensics Research and Education Group Ibrahim Baggili said that it wasn’t very difficult to obtain the data from these smartwatches, “but expertise and research was required.” Baggili plans to present the team’s findings along with co-authors Jeff Oduru, Frank Breitinger, Glenn McGee and Kyle Anthony at a digital forensics conference in August. They were able to extract data from the smartwatches by going through the watches’ files and locating traces of watch activity on the Android powered Samsung smartphone that they were linked to. (more…)

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