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Samsung may alter its schedule to prevent clients from switching to 10nm chips from TSMC

samsSamsung has cemented its position as the market leader currently all thanks to its 14nm FinFET production method that brought us the Exynos 7420 in the Galaxy S6 and this production process allowed Samsung to steal big customers like Apple and Qualcomm from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. It appears that to counter this move TSMC is going to skip the 14nm process and head straight to 10nm as Samsung did when it skipped the 20nm process and went straight to 14nm. (more…)

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Nokia will launch new smartphones in 2016, CEO now says

nokiaNokia CEO Rajeev Suri (pictured below) seems to have finally given up on saying that his company will not return to the smartphone market. Following one denial last year and another in April of this year, Suri now says the company is in fact planning on putting its name on new smartphones starting in 2016.

There is a catch, however. Nokia will use the same strategy for its re-entry in the smartphone space as it did for creating the N1 tablet. Namely, while the Finns will design the devices and the company’s name will be used, Nokia won’t actually be producing the handsets. (more…)

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Lumia 640 XL now available for purchase in Canada

Lumia-640-XL-4g-SSIM-beauty1-jpgThe Lumia 640XL, which was unveiled by Microsoft back in March at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), is now available for purchase in Canada. The device is only available in white, and will set you back around $272. (more…)

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ARM predicts 64-bit phones with LTE will cost $70 in 2015

armARM has 15 predictions for 2015. The company is best known for the basic design of processors that power the majority of smartphones, tablets and all sorts of appliances, so it has its finger on the pulse of technology.

For smartphones the company is predicting that half of the units that will ship this year will use the new ARMv8 64-bit instruction set. Another prediction pegs the price of a 64-bit, LTE-enabled smartphone at “under $70,” so it flagships will certainly not be the only devices driving the adoption of new tech.


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Limited Gold edition Lumia devices launching in China

As it turns out, not one but two Lumia devices will be available in Gold – the left one (in the first image below) is the Lumia 930, while the right one is the Lumia 830. After China, they’ll also be launched in other countries.

Original story below:

Microsoft looks all set to launch a special Gold edition of a Lumia device in China on January 8, as evident from the below image, which was first spotted by NPU.

Lumia_gold1 (more…)

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