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iPhone 6 SE box leacked

iPhone 6 SEDid you hear the joke that iPhone 7 has so few new features that it’s really an iPhone 6 SE? Well, get ready not to laugh because there’s photographic evidence that this may be an actual model name.

The pics reportedly come from China and show no obvious signs of Photoshopping (which doesn’t preclude skilled Photoshopping).

Most specs on the back of the box have been wiped out, so there’s no easy way to tell if this is just a followup to the iPhone SE or if it’s what the rumor mill has been calling “iPhone 7.” (more…)

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iPhone 7 high quality video in on the net

iPhone 78 iPhone will be the sole major source of leaks for the weeks to come. Not that Apple has managed to keep a lid on it up until now, on the contrary.

There’s a new episode today, and this one comes in the form of a video, where three different mockups are presented – supposedly the regular iPhone 7, the 7 Plus, and the 7 Pro. Now, it’s been established (to the extent that usually reliable leakster Evan Blass stated it) that there will only be two iPhone 7 models, so the units featured in the video probably represent an earlier stage in the development of the future Apple smartphone.


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iPhone 7 regular and Pro are this year successors

iPhone 7 modelsThere was some uncertainty whether Apple will release three iPhone 7 models – regular iPhone 7, a bigger Plus and the iPhone Pro with dual-cameras. Well, we may only be getting two models, regardless of whether the big one is called Plus or Pro.

The two models are allegedly codenamed Sonora and Dos Palos, two towns in California that are nowhere near each other (or Cupertino). If you believe in conspiracy theories, “Dos Palos” is Spanish for “two sticks.” What does that say about iPhone Pros dual cameras? (more…)

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iPhone 7 design same as 6s

falling iPhone salesWe’ve heard a lot of rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 duo lately, and today there’s a new one out. Unlike most, however, this comes from a usually trustworthy source, namely the Wall Street Journal.

The publication cites “people familiar with the matter” saying the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will not be very different compared to their predecessors, the iPhone 6s (pictured below) and 6s Plus from last year. This means Apple will break its self-imposed tradition of coming out with big revamps of its flagship once every two years. (more…)

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Apple looks at LG for iPhone 7 dual-camera as Sony lags

iphone-7-mockupAdding to the iPhone 7 news today, analysts at Nomura Securities (via Barron’s) say Sony could be behind schedule for supplies of the dual camera systems necessary for the upcoming iPhones, causing Apple to turn to LG for at least some of the order:

We think Sony may not be able to deliver its full share of dual cameras to Apple due to: (1) lower-than-expected yield, and (2) damage to its production facility from the April earthquake in Kumamoto. As a result, we think LGI will gain majority share of the initial dual camera orders from Apple; hence, we upgrade to Buy.


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