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iPhone 7 hits the sky in AnTuTu

iPhone-7-Leaked-2-2We’ve seen the iPhone 7 Plus in Geekbench a few days ago, and today its smaller sibling, the iPhone 7, has been put through the paces of the AnTuTu benchmark. It managed to score a record-breaking 178,397 points. For reference, that’s around a third more than what the iPhone 6s achieved.

As for the Android-running competition, as of August the best scoring device in the AnTuTu database is the OnePlus 3, with an average result of 140,288 points. No matter how impressive that may be when compared to other Android devices, the iPhone 7 simply demolishes the OnePlus 3 in this benchmark. (more…)

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Apple Watch 2 with GPS and 50M water resistance

apple-watch-2Apple unveiled today the new generation Watch called Apple Watch Series 2. It keeps the same shape and design, but upgrades on the water resistance, performance, and connectivity.

While the new Apple Watch Series 2 looks pretty much the same, it is now water-proof and can go up to 50 meters underwater. There is no time limit, Apple says it tested these Series 2 watches for weeks.

The speaker in the new Watch is the only place where air can get and it is now designed to automatically push the water out after a swim workout. (more…)

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iPhone 6 SE box leacked

iPhone 6 SEDid you hear the joke that iPhone 7 has so few new features that it’s really an iPhone 6 SE? Well, get ready not to laugh because there’s photographic evidence that this may be an actual model name.

The pics reportedly come from China and show no obvious signs of Photoshopping (which doesn’t preclude skilled Photoshopping).

Most specs on the back of the box have been wiped out, so there’s no easy way to tell if this is just a followup to the iPhone SE or if it’s what the rumor mill has been calling “iPhone 7.” (more…)

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AMOLED screens for Three iPad models coming in 2018

ipad-pro-leak-apple-siteApple is prepping three new iPad models for next year, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, the world’s foremost speculator on all things Apple-related (and an analyst by day). These will all come with similar designs to what we have today in Apple’s tablet range, with more drastic redesigns being pushed to 2018. (more…)

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Apple could launch 2 new smart watches this year

iWatchApple will launch two Watch versions this year, according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. In a note to investors, Kuo said that while one of the versions will just be a minor upgrade over the existing Apple Watch, the other version – dubbed Apple Watch 2 – will come with a handful of new features.

The version featuring minor upgrade will be powered by a TSMC processor built on the 16nm process and feature better waterproofing. On the other hand, the Apple Watch 2 will include a GPS radio, barometer, as well as a higher capacity battery. (more…)

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