Apple may pay Foxconn more for each iPhone 6 Plus

October 24th, 2014   decode   iOS, iPhone, iPhone 6 Tags: ,

foxconnA media report from Taiwan claims Apple could be ready to pay more to Foxconn for its manufacturing services for the iPhone 6 Plus. This would hopefully have the effect of encouraging the Taiwanese company to make more iPhone 6 Plus units.

Those are needed because the market demand for Apple’s first phablet apparently exceeded expectations. So Apple needs some more iPhone 6 Plus inventory, and fast. Hence the presumed pay hike to Foxconn.

Right now, the giant electronics manufacturer is said to earn $20 for each iPhone 6 Plus it makes. But Apple wants to increase that to $24-25. That would obviously boost Foxconn’s results for the fourth quarter of this year. But some of the cash difference may make into its workers’ pockets, to encourage them to produce more goods.

The increased pay per iPhone might however be a limited time offer from Apple, with future levels predicted to gradually return to the original amount. Of course you should view this as nothing more than a rumor, unless it gets confirmed somehow.

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