Alleged Samsung Galaxy S6 unibody frame

S6 featWe’ve mostly only heard or seen the Galaxy S6 in its virtual form up until now. Today, alleged pictures of the next-gen Galaxy flagship’s metal unibody frame showed up, giving us a glimpse at how the Galaxy S6 would be in the flesh. After being criticized for its not-up-to-scratch plastic built phones, Samsung has taken a fresh approach as designing phones. The Galaxy A3 and A5, among others, are only testimony to the approach; you can expect more and more Samsung phones to adopt metal bodies in the coming years. Folks at NoWhereElse managed to get their hands on the metal chassis of the next in line Galaxy S series front-runner, and the pictures are here for you to make your respective judgements.

Of course, the authenticity of these leaks can’t be verified, and thus you’re advised to take the info with a pinch of salt, or spice of your choice. Meanwhile, if you aren’t aware, the Galaxy S6 also landed on Indian shores earlier today, for ‘R&D purposes’.

Galaxy-S6-Metal-Frame-01 Galaxy-S6-Metal-Frame-02 Galaxy-S6-Metal-Frame-03


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