Top 10 trending phones of week 12

Yet another week is behind us and we look back at what phones gathered the most interest over the past seven days. And there were plenty of changes with two new entries occupying the first two spots.

The Xiaomi Redmi 4a went from zero to hero in just a few days taking the first spot just a few days after it finally escaped China and started breaking sales records. In India the initial batch of 250,000 thousand units went away in just four minutes, so it’s no surprise that its popularity skyrocketed.

In second place we find the Oppo F3 Plus – the next generation selfie expert just went…

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Weekly poll: Is €930 a fair price for the Galaxy S8?

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was always expected to be pricey, but the latest rumor pushed the expected price even higher – €830 for the S8 and €930 for the Galaxy S8+. Is that a fair price?

The Galaxy S8 duo will have exclusivity on the Snapdragon 835 chipset at launch, the major competition stuck with S821 or has its own chips (e.g. Kirin 960). Plus, a new generation of Super AMOLED is bound to bring improvements.

Not to mention it will be the only one on the screen to combine minimalist bezels with curved edges (the LG G6 screen is flat). Then there are rumored enhancements to the camera,…

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Counterclockwise: HTC HD2 and friends run any OS under the sun

Smartphones have progressed by leaps and bounds, yet they are far behind the humble PC in some respects. Modular phones have attempted to bring upgradability, but few phones seriously considered giving you freedom of choice when it comes to the operating system.

The HTC HD2 is legendary in that respect. It launched in 2009 with Windows Mobile 6.5, heavily modded by HTC. Since then it has run Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8, Android, Microsoft’s Android, Windows RT, Firefox OS, webOS, MeeGo, Tizen… iOS is probably the only mobile platform that eluded the fabled HD2. There are some…

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Sunday Q&A – Week 12

Hello and welcome to the Week 12 edition of our Sunday Q&A! This week we discuss our battery test once again, fingerprint sensors and why we don’t have more scores on the site.

Webster: Hi, I like your site for comparing phones, but would it be possible for you guys to list an IR blaster as a feature? This is one of the major points I look at when choosing a phone.

Hi, Webster. We are, in fact listing IR ports in our specs database – if you look at a phone that has it like the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus, you’ll see a line for that. However, since it’s a rather niche feature we chose to omit…

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Week 12 in review: Apple deliver red iPhone 7, Galaxy S8 rumors still

Week 12 of the year is now on the edge of the door and it’s time to take a quick look back and see which news was the most interesting to read.

This week was more interesting than the last with news like the two announcements of the Oppo F3 selfie expert, Google’s release of the Android O Developer preview and Apple’s release of a Red iPhone, new cheaper iPad and a storage increase to the small iPhone SE.

But nevertheless the exhaustive Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks asserted their dominance over tech news once again. The Galaxy S8 takes up 12 slots out of the 30 articles we’ve selected…

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