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Polycarbonate high-end Lumia leaks with S810 inside

Lumia leaks 2A lot of rumors have been floating , regarding the potential future Windows phone flagship, and it couldn’t come soon enough. But things don’t get any clearer as time progresses, instead new and different info keeps surfacing.

This latest leak pictures a polycarbonate device, which looks a lot like a Lumia 735 with its fat buttons, but with a camera hump bolted on, much like the one on the Lumia 1020. This interesting blend of designs is said to be packing a 5.2-inch FullHD display and top-end Snapdragon 810 chipset. (more…)

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Sony Xperia C5 Ultra prototype leaked by the Sao Paulo PD

Sony Xperia C5 Ultra prototypeSony Xperia C5 Ultra popped up on our radar just recently. Previously known as Lavender, the smartphone leaked in some blurry photos and a piece of the official manual. Its key feature is supposed to be a 5.5″ 1080p bezel-free display.

Today the Xperia C5 Ultra was featured in a very detailed photo, courtesy of Sao Paulo Police Department. Apparently the police recovered a stolen unit of Sony Xperia C5 Ultra. It went missing within the Brazilian certification agency (Anatel) and the phone was later advertised on Facebook for an upcoming auction. The Brazilian forces did some good undercover work and retrieved the Xperia C5 Ultra unit. What happens next is rather interesting. (more…)

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Samsung announces world-first 1.0μm-pixel, 16MP image sensor

16MP image sensorSmartphones are getting thinner and lighter these days, but smaller form factors bring new problems such as how to design components that maintain the intended smaller size(s). Today, Samsung announced its new, 1.0μm, pixel-based 16MP image sensor to allow manufacturers to maintain a slim smartphone while providing the very best in camera technology. (more…)

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Early next month Samsung releasing the Galaxy Tab S2 in Taiwan

Galaxy Tab S2 8.0Over the past few months we have been extensively covering all developments related to Samsung’s new tablets and the company finally unveiled the Galaxy Tab S2 last week, confirming much of what we had previously reported on. Now that Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Tab S2 it can get down to the business of selling this product which in the case of Taiwan is going to start from early August with prices of NT$19,900 (US$635), NT$ 15,900 (US$505), NT$16,900 (US$540) and NT$12,900 (US$410) for the 9.7-inch 4G, 9.7-inch Wi-Fi only, 8.0-inch 4G and 8.0-inch Wi-Fi models respectively. (more…)

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Samsung patent shows moving smartwatch display

Samsung-Gear-S-Bangle-Watch-StrapA new patent was recently unveiled by Patently Mobile according to which Samsung is working on a new smartwatch display that changes its position to accommodate the user. This is a very interesting concept that might open the way to some new features. Last year Samsung registered a lot of original concepts. A while ago we reported on another patent which detailed that Samsung wanted to add some additional touch controls on the side and backside of its future smartphones. They’re definitely working on improving user experience, and this new patent would make your viewing experience very comfortable. It basically works in a similar manner to a flip phone: the display raises itself at a particular angle for better viewing.

Why would this be useful? Well, it could take some quick pictures, it would be easier to look at your display and it would also make calling easier. The true use of this design appears in a driving situation where it would allow you to see your screen easier without moving your hand from the wheel, so it would improve driving safety.

smartwatch display

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