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See what Skype will look like on Windows 10

his week has been packed with Windows 10 news already, but Microsoft isn’t done showing off its new operating system quite yet. On Thursday, the Skype team revealed what its chat service will look like on Windows 10 and discussed how the program will be improving as it makes its way to the next generation of Windows devices.


The biggest Skype news from Microsoft’s event on Wednesday was that Skype will be built into the Windows 10 communications suite on PCs, tablets and phones. In other words, you won’t have to download an app — Skype will be waiting for you in Windows 10.


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first look at Apple’s completely redesigned Retina MacBook Air

ipad-pro-leak-apple-siteApple is expected to soon launch a new version of the MacBook Air, a 12-inch model that’s supposed to be thinner than every previous MacBook Air and will sport a new design made possible by the adoption of Intel’s Core M processor, which doesn’t require fans for cooling. After an extensive report detailed some of the characteristics of the upcoming laptop, Chinese online publication iFanR has obtained images that seem to show the 12-inch MacBook Air next to existing MacBook Air and iPad Air models. (more…)

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HTC new flagship leaks in new pics


HTC is having a pretty tough time keeping its newest flagship smartphone under wraps, but we aren’t about to complain. Phandroid has posted the latest batch of leaked HTC One (M9) photos and they pretty much confirm a lot of what we’ve already seen about the device.


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Samsung Galaxy S6 Unpacked


Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was a monster flagship, except we’ve been able to put together everything you need to know about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6, and it’s shaping up to be the most amazing phone we’ve ever heard of.

From a CPU that’s 50% faster, to an incredible quad-HD display, Samsung hit every angle with this year’s flagship phone. It will also have a payment feature which works with magnetic and NFC terminals, incredible cameras, and a gorgeous glass and metal body.


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TouchWiz finally looks good, thanks to Google

touchwiz-lollipop-kitkat-fullTouchWiz. That single word can ellicit a slew of responses. From a custom skin that adds a ton of useful features to one that bogs down Android to a level that makes even high-end devices stutter in general usage, TouchWiz is either hated, loved, or simply accepted depending on who you ask. As for myself, I’ve always maintained the opinion that while TouchWiz has a lot of nice features, Samsung’s reluctance to optimize it and make it look good has resulted in a software experience that is not as good as it should be in 2015. However, with Android 5.0 Lollipop, TouchWiz has never looked so good, and that is all thanks to Google and what it calls Material Design.


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